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Our Vision:
The purpose of Creative Exchange is to support the community of creative people that enrich the cultural, social, and economic fabric of Nelson and area.
We Aim To Provide
Safe, Affordable & Sustainable Workspace 
  • Ensure economic and environmental sustainability of the arts community 
  • Improve accessibility to tools and technology often impractical or unaffordable for private studios 
  • Encourage innovation through intra- and intermedium collaboration and skill-sharing. 
A Creative Business Incubator 
  • Provide affordable business services to artists such as marketing, sales, photography, etc. 
  • Facilitate relationships between members and the local economy for raw supplies, labour, and customers.
  • Help develop, sustain, and transition the careers of artists through skill-building workshops, the mentorship programs, etc.
  • Work with community partners to fill gaps in support services for members.
Community & Tourist Engagement 
  • Address artistic isolation by fostering a regional, peer to-peer creative community, decreasing artist isolation 
  • Welcome locals and tourists to engage, observe, learn and purchase directly from working artists. 
  • Facilitate opportunities for community building, reconciliation, and equity through shared creative experiences. 
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